This is the enhanced version of RedHat's pam_krb5.


The CVS Tree is hosted now on

Heimdal port:
It's now able to get krb5 tgt,
convert krb5 tgt to krb4 tgt (krb524),
get afs tokens with krb5_afslog,
optinal native kth-krb4 ticket grabing. 

New codes which are not in the main pam_krb5:
I wrote a new code which is usefull e.g with openssh-gssapi with token
forwarding. It try to use and convert the forwarded krb5 tgt
to krb4 tgt and to afs tokens. (like pam_openafs_session)

It can convert krb5 tgt to krb4 tgt (krb524) with Heimdal
and with MIT Kerberos V.

New refresh_creds option. See more in the README.

Please, mail me if you can or can't use this port.
Any feature request and bug report are welcome.

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